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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Chest Pain Right Side When Breathing

Breathing is something which is an indication that a human or animal is alive or not. If you are not breathing properly, this is a sign of health issues. When air goes in and comes out of the lungs, one should not be feeling any sort of pain. But sometimes it happens that when we breathe, it put us in severe trouble in the right side chest. Although the right side chest pain is not indicative of heart attack, it requires seriousness and early diagnosis so that it could not turn into any lethal disease. People often take different types of coup and flu syrups imaging that there is congestion on the chest but remember do not take medicines on your own unless and until doctor prescribes it. However, chicken soup without fats is suggested that you can use. It could heal your pain
Chest Pain Right Side When Breathing:

There are so many causes of chest pain right side when breathing. Some of the most common are:

1. Pleurisy:

Pleurisy is defined as the inflammation of the lining around the lungs or infection of the chest wall. According to the National Lung Health Education Program, chest pain becomes more worst when coughing, sneezing and deep breathing. It is also called pleuritis. Pleura consists of two layers, one is visceral pleura(that covers the lung) and the other is parietal pleura (that covers the inner wall of lungs). Pleural fluid works the function of lubricant in between these two layers and Pleurisy is caused due to the accumulation of extrapleural fluid (called pleural effusion).

Causes of Pleurisy

a. Infection caused due to fungus, bacteria, and viruses
b. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
c. Cancers (breast cancer and lung cancer)
d. Congestion
e. Obstruction of lymph f. mesothelioma or sarcoma
g. Trauma
h. Pulmonary embolism
i. Pneumothorax

2. Intercostal Neuritis:

Intercostal Neuritis arises due to pain in Intercostal nerves which are located in between in ribs. Ribs cover your chest and are lengthy in size. The major ten ribs connect to sternum (breast bone) and thoracic spine.

3. Costochondritis:

Inflammation of the cartilage causes severe chest pain in the right side. Cartilage connects the ribs with the sternum. Deep breathing will result in an extreme chest pain right side.

4. Rib Injuries:

Ribs provide safety to our chest and all organs inside. There are 24 curved ribs structured 12 each side making a cage. Each pair is linked to the spine. Heart lungs are in the cage of ribs. Any fracture or injury causes a lot of chest pain. If you are suffering from flail chest (it is when one rib is broken at more than once place), then it will make your life very miserable. Common rib injuries are bone fractures, bruises, ruptured aorta, punctured lung, and cartilage.

Symptoms of Rib Injuries

The most common symptoms of Rib Injuries are as follows:
Severe pain when the rib cage flexes
Crunching like sound when you touch the affected part
Difficulty in Breathing


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