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Monday, 26 August 2019

Blogger Custom Domain

Due to the rapid rise in the website design & development sector, a large population of the world is joining this field. Every day, a lot of websites and blogs are created. Creating a website is a somehow tedious task. However, blogs are easy to create due to the availability of ready made blogging platforms such as blogger, wordpress, joomla & drupal.
Apart from this, you can change the entire look of a blog using thousands of free & paid themes. In order to increase the functionality of a blog, you can use 3rd party plugins or website designer in mumbai that can turn your blog into a masterpiece of the elegant blog.

Most of the new bloggers use Blogger as their blogging platform. Blogger is a simple blogging platform that suits newbie bloggers to understand the concept of blogging and start their blogging career. Blogger does not require you to buy anything as all the things are absolutely free. Even there is no need to pay for the domain, you can hire someone from You can start the blog with a free subdomain like or you can contact web design agency.

Once your blog at blogger starts to get visitors, it is the right time to invest some bucks to buy a blogger custom domain. A custom domain is actually the top-level domains such as, & These types of top-level domains with bloggers works positively in favor of a blog owner in the following ways:

Ownership - Sub domains are symbols of non-professional and dis ownership. Often people register sub domains& later do not works on subdomain blogger's blog. As there is no investment from the blogger in subdomain registration, a sense of ownership lacks altogether. On the other hand, top-level domains require investment though minor but they do create a sense of ownership. That is why blogger custom domain ideas create a sense of ownership & professionalism and at the same time also they design responsive blogger templates

Search Engine Trust - Top search engines such as Google & Yahoo places a high level of trust on top-level domains as compared to subdomain blogs. If your competitor's blog is using a blogger's subdomain, you can go to the blogger's custom domain to beat your competitor and gain search engine's confidence & trust.

Visitor's Ideology - There is a common perception among internet users that top-level domains contain valuable information and sub domains are the sources of spam. Apart from this, visitors find it difficult to memorize subdomains. So, forget about getting repeat traffic and build solid traffic on your blog. You have to move towards the blogger custom domain to maintain spam-free profile & gain repeat blog traffic.

How to enable Blogger Custom Domain - The task of linking the top-level domain is not difficult at all as most of the bloggers think. You have to buy a top-level domain (TLD) and change the name server settings. You have to go in the setting menu from your Blogger's dashboard. Once you open the setting page, you will find a custom domain option, from there you can easily add your paid domain.

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